Make a Booking
At Palms hotel we make reservations easy. The calendar on the right shows the days for which there are available rooms. All you have to do is select a check-in date and a check out date then go to the room you want and click "Book Now". After the process is complete you will be sent an email invoice that is to be used when you check in.
Book Multiple Rooms
Adding more rooms to your reservation is also a breeze. Just click "Continue" after clicking "Book Now" then, click on the "Add to Booking" button on the top left corner of the screen and repeat the booking process.
All rates are inclusive of taxes and complimentary self-serve continental breakfast. Upon check in - when CARICOM national shows identification, they will be entitled to a discount rate.

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NOTE: All prices are in USD and include taxes. Check-in: 3:00pm | Checkout: 12:00pm